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October 31, 2019SHARE:

Hello Friends!!

Thanks to each and everyone of you for staying in touch and supporting our music. We feel incredibly grateful to have dedicated fans who appreciate creativity, individuality and expression. We are surprise releasing two singles tomorrow, and you can be the first to hear them by checking out their premier on

We have a small request of you today…

Follow Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards on Spotify! It really helps.

When we get more listeners who click the follow button, you find out about our new music first, AND we have a better chance to get on playlists that help us connect with new listeners.

I know a lot of you are worried that listening on streaming services hurts bands like ours. Here’s the thing, if you love our music, we want you to have access to it. You are right to worry about how bands make a living. The best way to help the bands you love is to follow them online, listen to them often, and buy tickets to their shows (and bring friends!). If you have some extra dough to help out, buy their merch for yourself and your friends often!!

Speaking of which…we have new merch up in our store today!!


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