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One thing you may or may not know about me is that HALLOWEEN IS MY FAVORITE holiday.

WHY, you ask?

Well, it’s a day that you can be anything you want to be. It’s the day we look up and around at each other to see what playful secret sides we’re here to share. We aim to entertain each other and ourselves. Mischief is accepted and encouraged. We leave our houses and ring our neighbors' doorbells to say hello and admire the time and creativity we’ve each put into our costumes.

Unfortunately, in my new home town, Ghent, Belgium, no one really celebrates Halloween. So I’m issuing a challenge to help me soak up as much of the season as I can. Come to any of our fall New England concerts dressed in a bit of Halloween flair and we will give you a brand new LCDC sticker. I’ll be posting some of my best Halloween costumes from over the years on my Instagram as we lead up to the tour so find us there @lauracortese.

Making music is the best, and making it for you in person at a show is even better. Invite your friends, share the music and see you out there…Thanks to Kaitlyn Raitz for this photo featuring my summer hat.


full tour dates here


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