California Calling


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Into the Dark

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Into the Dark

These songs chose me. Whether I wrote them or learned them from friends, these are the songs that would not let me rest until they were shared...Music is a shared experience consisting of friends listening and responding, completing a circuit. All the people, words, stories, and sounds that influence me are continuing on through these songs. I can only hope that they will inspire more words, stories, ideas...

Release Date April 23, 2013
Produced by Matt Malikowski and Laura Cortese
Recorded and Mixed by Matt Malikowski

Laura Cortese: Vocals, Fiddle, Viola, Bass Hanneke Cassel: Fiddle Brittany Haas: 5-String Fiddle Mariel Vandersteel: Fiddle, Hardingfele Natalie Haas: Cello, Fiddle Valerie Thompson: Cello Jocie Adams: Vocals Neil Cleary: Percussion, Wurlitzer Rose Cousins: Vocals Matthew Douglas: Clarinet Kris Drever: Vocals Glenn Fields: Drums Jefferson Hamer: Vocals, Tenor Guitar Jennifer Kimball: Vocals Robin MacMillan: Drums Matt Malikowski: Bass, Electric Guitar Rose Polenzani: Vocals Dirk Powell: Accordion, Triangle Dietrich Strause: Piano, Trumpet Stash Wyslouch: Vocals, Guitar

  1. For Catherine
  2. Into the Dark
  3. Brown Wrinkled Dress
  4. Village Green
  5. Life is Good Blues
  6. Take Your Time
  7. Train on the Island
  8. I Am The House
  9. Heel to Toe
  10. Lay Me Low


    For Catherine
    Into the Dark
    Brown Wrinkled Dress
    Village Green
    Life is Good Blues
    Take Your Time
    Train on the Island
    I Am The House
    Heel to Toe
    Lay Me Low

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